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We want to routinely highlight the important work of individuals and organizations that are part of our Organizational Development Environment. Let’s begin with a quick peek at The Impact Zone for this profile. After founding The Impact Zone in 2009, Anthony Hampton... (read more)

City Connections Inc.
Phone (501)376-1686
Fax (866) 381-0904
10411 W. Markham Street
Suite 100
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

About City Connections

Our mission is to encourage and help engage people of faith who stand ready to give of themselves in their unique area of giftedness, life experiences, and passion. We encourage these servant leaders to join the efforts of one or more of our non-profit community partners operating in their respective area of interest ... (read more)

Our vision for Little Rock is a city where the ideals of our faith are lived out through service - in a way that is real . . . authentic . . . and transforming. And not just transforming for those we might serve, but transforming for us as individuals and transforming for all of us as a community. Our dream is for a city ... (read more)

In practice, the network functions as a 360 degree cooperative where network partners both contribute toward the success of others in the network, and receive direct and tangible support from the network as needs arise. On behalf of all these leaders and organizations, the City Connections team focuses on a few broad objectives... (read more)

    Theological Framework
Is it possible that the church of Jesus Christ can transform cities across our nation by a revolutionary kind of service that people in our communities have never experienced? Is the church in Little Rock recognized as being caring and compassionate? Do you believe the church can help transform our city?... (read more)

City Connections is a grass-roots movement of 250+ agencies, churches, businesses and institutions aligning themselves to a vision of community collaboration. Our mission is to build a strong and vibrant collaboration in our city among all the varied church communities; social service agencies; federal, state, and local government agencies; the private sector; schools of higher learning; and all civic and community groups.
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